Membership/ Urgent Card

patient membership cardWhat is the  Membership Card (Patient Version)?


This patient version of our membership card is specifically for our members diagnosed with IBD, either Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis with unique benefits which includes:


BENEFIT #1: Access to our Wholesale Pharmacy.

BENEFIT # 2: Doubles as an ‘Urgent Card’.


What is an URGENT card?


Finding a washroom, when out in public continues to be a priority for many people affected by IBD, and unfortunately remains one of the reasons why so many cut down on social activities or even stop going out altogether. Our URGENT card is available to help members gain access to washroom facilities when they need them most. The card is designed to make finding washroom facilities as easy as possible whilst helping to reduce any embarrassment or confusion regarding the holder’s need. The same size as a bank card, the URGENT card can be hidden discretely in a wallet or purse and can be produced quickly when needed. The card displays the diagnosed person’s name and NACCTT member number, and identifies that person as someone who requires urgent access to a toilet due to a medical condition.

NOTE: The URGENT card does not guarantee access to washroom.

urgent card

Soon we will be launching the other versions of our membership card which includes:

A Supporter Version specifically for the friends and family of those diagnosed with IBD. 

A Medical Personnel Version for those members who are part of the medical profession.