Patient Stories

Here in this section you can find the struggles and triumphs of people who have had their lives forever changed by IBD. Please click the read more button to go to the full story and feel free to leave a supportive comment.


How IBD Took away and Gave me my life back

What was all this?! I was puzzled, confused, frustrated. All I wanted to do was go home.   I had spent six days in the hospital already and to me, that was six days too many. I didn’t know what to think. Everything was too much to take on, and to make it worse nobody seemed to have answers, “Nobody knows how it is caused”, “It might be a virus”, “You should have been eating better”, “No cure”, “You will have to be flown off to be sure”…
by Roger Nankishoreheader_readmore


My name is Nicholas D. Mawahlal

As a child growing up, life was hard for me even in school; no one ever understood me. My school life was hard because I was always sickly and other students would make fun of me. They would bully me, not knowing I was already hurting inside, so it took a toll on me mentally…

– By Nicholas D. Mawahlal                                                                      header_readmore


Preya’s Story

I have had the symptoms of Crohn’s disease since I was nine years old. Nine days before I turned eighteen on 20/11/12 I was diagnosed.

The tests revealed that there were over twenty ulcers in my small intestine and my stomach. I was put on steroids for months. Unfortunately, every time I was instructed to wean off the steroids, the disease would flare up…
-Preya                                                                                                            header_readmore


Mareika’s Tale

One thing I can say for sure is even though Ulcerative Colitis is a horrible disease to have, it has been a learning experience for me. It made me into a stronger, more patient individual. I had to accept that there were many things that I would not be able to do anymore; many sacrifices would have to be made and a lifestyle change would be required. 

-Mareika Ramdhan   


Safiyya’s Story

Those ten days in the hospital passed with a lot of poking and prodding and I couldn’t help but feel like they were only experimenting on me without any real results. Finally I was diagnosed with UC and knowing what the problem was I felt completely relieved, a whole load lifted off my shoulders. Now the next step was treating it.

-Safiyya K.header_readmore


Shamena’s Challenge

Having Crohn’s Disease is an exhausting challenge: physically, mentally and emotionally. It changes your life, your thinking, parts of your personality and even the people around you. You learn to appreciate things that didn’t matter once, and it helps grow your faith in ways you never expected.

-Shamena Bakshheader_readmore


Avinash’s Story

The first week in September I was allowed to leave FINALLY. I had to learn to walk again. It took me about a month or two to actually walk with some sort of pace. I was able to run around the forth month.

-Avinash Deosinghheader_readmore



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