Preya’s Story

I have had the symptoms of Crohn’s disease since I was nine years old. Nine days before I turned eighteen  on 20/11/12  I was diagnosed.

The tests revealed that there were over twenty ulcers in my small intestine and my stomach. I was put on steroids for months. Unfortunately, every time I was instructed to wean off the steroids, the disease would flare up.

I cannot give a happy ending just yet as my doctor is still introducing new drugs to me in the hopes that a medication would work. In this short period of time I have been hospitalized too many times to attend school so I had to make the decision to fail miserably or drop out. Thankfully, dropping out has led to great things.

I have started working for my parents, and I opened my own small business where I can work at my own pace and time. Crohn’s disease is hard to understand if you are not experiencing it yourself which made it quite difficult for me to cope at school and also at home. I have realized that by educating the people around me about my disease, I have achieved the understanding I was hoping for. With the love and support of my family, friends and my God, I know that I will one day be in control of this disease.