My name is Nicholas D. Mawahlal

My name is Nicholas D. Mawahlal and at the age of 22 years old I was diagnosis with Ulcerative Colitis on Saturday, October 20, 2007 by Dr. Steve Smith. I’m now 28 years old still living with and battling this disease hoping for a cure someday. Here is my story.

As a child growing up, life was hard for me even in school; no one ever understood me. My school life was hard because I was always sickly and other students would make fun of me. They would bully me, not knowing I was already hurting inside, it took a toll on me mentally.

I went to many doctors to see what was wrong with me. I was already suffering with depression and shame while being in and out the hospital. I would get a lot of abdominal pains, vomiting, diarrhea. It was so bad that I wanted to faint. The first time I saw blood in my stool was in my teens but the doctor would say nothing is wrong with me, that maybe it was a gas pain or gastro.

This continued on and school became harder as I was unable to think or study. The bullying continued until I started secondary school but it still was not easy. I had one or two relationships but they never worked out and I was unable to trust. After school I started working very hard but work-life was rough because I was unable to keep a job. The jobs that I remained at were hard because my co workers started making fun of me because I was slow, weak and small. People usually never took me seriously. I tried my best, but in the end my body couldn’t handle the pressure. I started getting angry with myself and everyone and hated my life. I tried to commit suicide many time.

I can tell you that living with UC is not easy. The stress made me cry every night and day. I love my family but my mother is my #1 supporter and my role model. She has helped me through a lot by having faith and she trusts in God to heal me. I started thinking long and hard about my life, about what could help me cope. I love hair colouring, running, hiking, reading manga (Japanese comics), watching Japanese anime, praying, listening to peaceful music and exploring nature. I enjoy the simple things in life. I became closer to God and more spiritual, and I pray every day for a cure and healing. I have never given up hope. I don’t give up on the things I want in life, I leave it in God’s hands.

Now I have started a new hairdressing course at UWI open campus at Carapichaima Centre. My dreams are to become a unique hairdresser on my own and to live in Japan someday.

Nicholas D. Mawahlal,