Awareness Literature

Click the links below to download NACCTT Awareness Literature on IBD. All documents are in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.



Our “How Much Do You Know” awareness pamphlet contains basic information on IBD suitable for the general public. It can be distributed family, friends and co-workers as an introduction to the illness.If you would personally like to assist with spreading awareness about our cause you can feel free to download this pamphlet for sharing, printing and distribution.

NACCTT Awareness Pamphlet



The NACCTT launched our Washroom Stall Poster “5 Things You Should Know About Inflammatory Bowel Disease”as part of our campaign to raise awareness about Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This poster can be displayed on the inside of washroom stall doors at workplaces, schools, malls, anywhere it can be seen by many. If you are interested in obtaining copies of our Washroom Stall Poster to post in washrooms in your workplaces, schools etc (with permission of course) please contact us with the name and address of the institution and the number of posters needed and we will get them to you asap. Let us all do our part to raise awareness about this illness.

Washroom Stall Poster



FAQ about IBD

Symptoms of IBD