NACCTT Advocacy

Since our incorporation in 2013 the NACCTT has been working behind the scene to lobby the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for the best possible treatment and service for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in this country.

We continuously bring the issue of medication shortages in the public hospitals to the attention of the Ministry of Health. This resulted in an increase in the supply of IBD medication (Mesalazine, Azathioprine etc.) within the hospitals pharmacies/dispensaries for 2013 and 2014.

Our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Rene Ramnarace has appealed to the Administration at the San Fernando General Hospital on behalf of the Gastroenterology Clinic as well as the NACCTT, for an area where IBD/GI patients could receive IV infusions without being warded.

In January 2013 the PTU (Planned Treatment Unit) was opened at SFGH. The unit is shared with other clinics at the hospital. The entire IV infusion process now takes a couple of hours versus the previous system in which patients waited all day or sometimes multiple days to have an infusion done.



Mondays    8:00am- 12:00pm
Thursdays 8:00am- 12:00pm


NACCTT members receiving IV infusions at PTU

NACCTT members receiving IV infusions at PTU


Our Team of Medics continues to petition the Ministry of Health for the approval of newer, more effective drugs every year. For 2014 a new Biologic Therapy drug has been added to the hospital’s formulary. This can now help IBD patients who have been resistant to other forms of medical treatment.




1. To lobby the Ministry of Health for the set up of a similar Planned Treatment Unit at other public hospitals within T&T.

2. For a computerized filing system for patients in all Gastroenterology Clinics across T&T. This can make building statistics for the number of IBD cases in T&T significantly less difficult.

3.For a continuous and timely supply of IBD related drugs in hospital’s pharmacies/dispensaries.

4. For the inclusion of IBD medication in the Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP).

5. For IBD specialized nurses in public hospitals.

6. To use data collected from our patient surveys to petition the Government for better quality of service within the public hospitals in T&T.